How can I get motivation to clear entrance exams?

Get to know the ‘Why’ first.


Why do you want to clear a particular entrance exam?

If you know the answer, you need no motivation from the outer world. You’ll be self-driven.

Let me grill you a bit here.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are asked to fight with a man. Would you go ahead and fight?

Most probably not. Because you don’t have a real purpose here. You instead would ask here, “Why should I fight with this man in the first place?”

Now, what if this same man ogles at your sister and passes lewd comments.

Do you still need someone to ask you to go to this man and take action against him? No, you don’t. Because you have a true purpose here and when the purpose is clear you don’t even dread accepting challenges in life.

I hope you’re able to read between the lines. All the best!


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