What should be my strategy to secure a decent rank in SSC CGL 2016 in one month?

Strategy to be followed:

1st Step: Evaluate your present. (Take a mock SSC CGL)

How it helps?

You get to know 3 things – your current level of preparation, the level to reach and the gap you need to fill. If you score more than 55 marks you can move to next step and if you score less than that I would advise you to sit back and work on your fundamentals first.

2nd Step: List the chapters and topics that have high probability of getting featured in upcoming SSC exam.

How it helps?

You can’t actually cover everything in this short span of time. You can instead keep your focus on the most relevant topics or chapters and practise only them for next 15 days.

Do remember the fact that ‘revision’ is the most crucial aspect as far as Test preparation is concerned.

3rd Step: Take a mock test every 4th day. (Save one day for the test and next two days for analysis part.)

While taking a mock test keep a record

  • Whether you are able to solve questions of the chapters you had prepared for.
  • The questions that seem difficult but are relatively easier to solve.
  • The questions that look easy but are time taking.

How it helps?

  1. It would build your speed and get you in tune of a real test scenario.
  2. You would be able to judge slightest mistakes of yours that may cost you dear.
  3. You would be able to know which questions you need to attempt and which to avoid.

Final words

Preparing for a competitive exam in a short span of time asks you to

  • Accept the fact that you actually can’t cover every single topic/chapter
  • Make the most of the available time
  • Pick only the questions that you are sure of solving correctly
  • Avoid guess-work
  • Hope other candidates to commit mistakes

Hope it helps. All the best!


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