An answer to a 22 year old Civil Service aspirant who somehow lost the path and got stuck – Smartkeeda

Question: I’m 22 and I always wanted to go for civil services but because of misguidance I couldn’t start and got stuck on preparing for SSC exams. Shall I start now or wait till I crack SSC CGL?

Answer by K. S. Vipin, Co-founder, Smartkeeda:

I apologize if I may sound a bit harsh here but you are yet to go a long way ahead. I stated it because with your writing this question here on Quora clearly signifies that you are not yet mentally prepared to become an IAS officer. IAS officers are generally good at decision making. They come forward and take responsibilities on their shoulders rather than passing the buck.

I have a few acquaintances of mine who first cleared SSC CGL, worked for Government of India for a year or two and while working, prepared for Civil Services and are now active Civil Servants.

I actually don’t know how you take things but had I been in your place, I would have first opted for a clerical job in any government organization through SSC, RRB or IBPS because being in a clerical job I would firstly be financially independent, secondly I would be able to manage 5-6 hours of quality study with my 10 pm to 5 pm job and on top of all, I would be learning a lot through this experience of mine which would surely help me stay confident in my future interviews.

Lastly I would like to say that you still can sit back, introspect and set your future goals and if you truly desire to be a civil servant, start showing the world that you are already one.

Hope it helps. All the best!


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