How to start my preparation for Bank PO & SSC CGL from 2nd year of my graduation?

How to start my preparation for Bank PO & SSC CGL from 2nd year of my graduation?

1. Evaluate yourself

Take a mock test or two of the mentioned exams and evaluate where you stand. If you are able to achieve 60-70% without preparation you have very bright chances of cracking them. If you gain between 40-60%, 6 months’ focused preparation would lead you to success and if you secure less than 40% marks you will have to work really hard to achieve the end result.

Why the above step is crucial?

Most of the students tend to set the goals that are way above their level and are likely to meet failure in their life. The above step helps them get to know themselves before setting a goal for themselves.

In my life I never tried to become an ISRO scientist or an IIT engineer. Instead,  I  always aim at what I believe I can achieve putting my best foot forward.

2. Build your foundation (2nd year of your graduation)

Once you take your decision, start building your foundation. You must manage to take 2 hours out of your daily schedule to follow the steps suggested here. And while following them, take time and dig deep. Do not apply filters or become choosy at this level.

  1. Learn concepts to the core.
  2. Keep your observation high.
  3. Focus on gaining knowledge instead of making use of it in real world. (Learn to apply the concepts through questions, develop mental maths ability, try to solve Quant and Reasoning questions in mind, build your vocabulary, learn topics of General studies through NCERT books from 6th to 10th standards.)
  4. Revise (the most important aspect)
  5. Develop a habit of reading. (Except the text books)

Why the above step is crucial?

This step helps students strengthen their concepts at the deep-root level. When a student is strong at foundation, he or she never feels under-confident about an exam.

3. Accelerate (3rd year of your graduation)

This is the time when you should work on your speed because in every competitive exam it is your speed that sets you apart.

Solve previous years’ papers and work on rectifying your past mistakes. Keep on improving each day.

4. Sharpen your teeth (3 months before the exam)

Join an online mock test series and take one mock test in 3 days (keep 2 days for evaluation). This way you’ll be able to get in tune to take the real exam which now should be a cake walk for you.

Hope it helps. All the best!


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