What not to do while preparing for SSC CGL 2016?

As an SSC CGL 2016 exam aspirant, you must not:

  • Try studying through every single book, app or website that’s available, specifically when it comes to General Awareness. I have seen people keeping 10 books of General Knowledge and 15 android apps on History, Polity, Geography, English Vocabulary etc. Then comes the never-ending list of question banks of different publications, printouts of PDF files or even photocopies of handwritten notes of some popular coaching institutes of your city. Mind you, you cannot grab everything even if you wish to. Just choose one quality book, one question bank and one online app or website and that’s all. The more you stay focused, the more you will be able to grasp.
  • Try Practising Mock Tests without a bubble/oval sheet. People set watch for 2 hours and start solving sums without filling bubbles. This habit doesn’t let you measure the actual time you spend solving a particular number of question. Moreover, you may feel exasperated during exam when there due to this oval or bubble filling you would be running out of time to reach the target you set for yourself.
  • Enter the exam hall without a watch. You must wear a watch. Do get into a habit of solving a particular section within a time-limit. It’s all about solving the maximum number of questions correctly in the given time and when you go without a watch, you go without a brain.
  • Over-weigh one subject more than the other (though you can do that while listing the chapters you need to prepare under a section) among Maths, Reasoning and English language. It’s quite common among the aspirants to keep their attention on the subject they are good at and neglecting the one they are weak in. Believe me, it will keep you where you at present.
  • Indulge in WhatsApping, Facebooking, Chatting etc. We somehow delude ourselves into believing that these are also necessary. Truly speaking they are not at all required. You can instead make use of The Hindu online newspaper or forums like Quora.
  • Try studying till the last moment without investing any time in revision or Mock Test practice.
  • Try learning plethora of shortcuts. It’s not required and if you keep noting down every second trick you’d eventually get confused and mar your chances of getting a decent score.
  • Worry about number of vacancies. Don’t focus on what’s not in your control. Just keep your absolute focus on your preparation. Number of seats, pattern of questions to be asked or your selection aren’t in your hand, your preparation is.
  • Choose possible cutoff marks as your target. Don’t set your target keeping the average cut off marks of previously held CGL exams. This will cost you dear. Your target define your limits. As an aspirant you must shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll still land among the stars, as they say. Your target score must be around:
    General 470-480 | OBC 440-450 | SC/ST 380-400

I wish you all the very best!
Yours truly,
Kabir VLN Verma


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