SSC CGL 2016 | How to choose your post preference?

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All the SSC CGL 2016 aspirants!

Here you are with all the details regarding posts, the grade pay and nature of work of every job that comes under SSC CGL. Take a few minutes and go through the details given in the table before before you sit to fill the form.

We hope it helps. All the best!

Pref.  Order

Post Code


Grade Pay

Nature of work

Career Path


1. F Assistant Audit Officer 4800 1. Helping in conducting audits of govt./public sector organizations.
2. Travelling during inspection.
This is a new post, added this year.
Career path not defined anywhere.
Limited vacancies.
2. M Inspector (Examiner) (CBEC) 4600 1. Clerical or file related work (If posted in Headquarters.
2. Verifying taxations on goods passing through ports (If posted in field.
3. Uniform not mandatory.
Promotion Order:
1. Appraiser,
2. Assistant Commissioner,
3. Deputy Commissioner,
4. Commissioner Faster promotion and 1stpromotion after completing 3 years of service.
1. Very few vacancies.
2. Posting in coastal areas.
3. J Income Tax Inspector (CBDT) 4600 1. Assessing, verifying, processing IT records of individuals and businesses.
2. Conducting raids.
3. Local travelling.
4. Considered respectable job.
Promotion Order:
1. Income Tax Officer,
2. Assistant Commissioner,
3. Deputy Commissioner,
4. Commissioner.1stpromotion after completing 8 years of service and clearing dept. exam.
1. All India posting job.
2. Good chances of home state, as many vacancies.
4. E Assistant (MEA) 4600 1. Administration work: typing, compiling reports, emailing, calling, updating about events, maintaining the files etc.
2. Possibility of foreign posting for few years is very high.
1st promotion in 15-17 years (without clearing dept. exam), or about 8 years (if clear dept. exam). Posted in Delhi.
5. K Inspector (Central Excise) (CBEC) 4600 1. Clerical or file work (if posted in headquarter).
2. Executive work like augmentation of central excise & Service tax etc., detection of evasion of taxes etc. (if posted in field).
3. Uniform (Khaki) is optional.
4. Highly respected job.
Promotion Order:
1. Superintendent,
2. Assistant Commissioner,
3. Deputy Commissioner,
4. Commissioner.1stpromotion after completing 8 years of service and clearing dept. exam.
1. All India posting.
2. High no. of vacancies.
6. L Inspector (Preventive Officer) (CBEC) 4600 1. Clerical or file work (If posted in Headquarter).
2. Executive work like prevention of smuggling, assessment of customs duty on goods, arrest, seize, search, detain etc. (if posted in the field-airport/coast).
3. Duty is round the clock.
4. Uniform is mandatory.
Promotion Order:
1. Superintendent,
2. Assistant Commissioner,
3. Deputy Commissioner,
4. Commissioner.First promotion after 8 year of service and clearing dept. exam.
Posting in cities with ports/airports.
7. N Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) 4600 Preventing money laundering/forgery etc. Promotion Order:
1. Enforcement Officer,
2. Assistant Director,
3. Deputy Director,
4. Director.No fixed promotion period.
Posting in enforcement directorate offices in 21 cities.
8. B Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission) 4600 1. Update case files, contact respective depts. to collect required info, record keeping etc.
2. The department monitors vigilance activities carried out by various central govt. organizations.
Promotion Order:
1. Sectional officer
In about 7-8 years,
2. Under secretary,
3. Deputy Secretary,
4. Director.
Posting can be anywhere.
9. G Assistant (AFHQ) 4600 1. Clerical work; compiling files, reports and many kinds of paper work.
2. Keeping track of ongoing cases and subsequent follow up.
3. Job burden is less.
4. Comes under Ministry of Defense so additional perks and benefits.
Promotion Order:
1. Section Officer
After 4 years,
2. Deputy Director
After 6 years,
3. Joint Director
After 5 years,
4. Director
After 5 years,
5. Principal Director.
Delhi or other metro cities
10. D Assistant (Ministry of Railway) 4600 1. Clerical but above upper division clerk (LDC).
2. Good perks such as free & discounted railway passes for travelling anywhere in India.
3. Considered one of the most favorite posts.
Promotion Order:
1. Sectional officer
In about 7-8 years
5-6 years if you clear dept. exam,
2. Under secretary,
3. Deputy Secretary,
4. Director.
Posting in cities/regional HQ.
11. C Assistant (Intelligence Bureau) 4600 1. Investigative officer profile.
2. Majorly computer or data oriented work in the Intelligence Bureau.
Promotion Order:
1. Sectional officer,
2. Under secretary,
3. Deputy Secretary.
Posting at state headquarters in IB cell or in Delhi.
12. A Assistant Section Officer (CSS) 4600 1. Appointed in various ministries.
2. Required to prepare notes, reports etc., and send to their superiors.
3. Pure desk-only job with hardly any pressure.
4. Lowest post in Central Secretariat Services.
Promotion Order:
1. Section Officer
a. In 5 years, by taking dept. exam,
b. In 10 years, by usual path,
2. Under Secretary
After completing 4 years of service,
3. Deputy Secretary
Based on performance & vacancies,
4. Director.
Rarely possible for SSC entrants.
13. O Sub Inspectors (CBI) 4200 1. Similar to state police but more powers.
2. Job is very challenging and you should be able to work under pressure.
3. Sub Inspectors in CBI does not possess revolver/pistol.
4. Training duration is 32 weeks in Ghaziabad.
Promotion Order:
1. Inspector
After minimum 5 years,
2. Deputy Superintendent
After 10-12 years,
3. Superintendent
After 5-7 years,
4. Senior Superintendent.
Almost 90% of the selected candidates are allotted Delhi Zone only.
14. H Assistant (Other Ministries) 4600 Posted with organizations under Govt. such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc. Promotion Order:
1. Sectional officer,
2. Under secretary,
3. Deputy Secretary.
Mostly posted in Delhi.
15. Q Divisional Accountant (CAG) 4200 1. Auditing of works carried out by the state government.
2. No or very less travel.
3. Relaxed job.
Promotion Order:
1. Divisional Account Officer II,
2. Divisional Account Officer I,
3. Sr. Divisional Account Officer.
1. Posted in cities having offices coming under CAG.
2. Very less transfers once a state is decided.
16. S Inspector (Narcotics) 4600 1. Keep a check on the cultivation of opium poppy.
2. Conduct periodic checks in companies.
3. Monitor any smuggling of banned drugs.
4. Local travel is part of the job.
Promotion Order:
1. Superintendent of Narcotics,
2. Assistant Narcotics Commissioner,
3. Deputy Narcotics Commissioner,
4. Narcotics Commissioner.
Mostly in north India.
17. I Assistant (Other Ministries) 4200 Posted with organizations under Govt. such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc. Depending upon the department you get posted. Mostly posted in Delhi.
18. % Sub Inspectors (NIA) 4200 1. NIA leads investigations in terrorism & other national security issues.
2. The job involves lot of travel, collecting evidence from sites, gather intelligence inputs regarding terrorists etc.
3. During or after terrorist attacks, the work load could increase many fold which means you have to spend more time with the case.
Not very clear scenario about promotions.
Promotion Order:
1. Inspector
After minimum 5 years,
2. Deputy Superintendent,
3. Superintendent,
Senior posts are occupied by IPS officers. So rising very high in promotions not possible unless you are lucky.
Have offices in each state but initial posting could be in Delhi.
19. R Statistical Investigator 4200 1. Requires statistics degree.
2. Data collection and processing to gather useful information for the govt. to implement schemes.
3. A mix of office & field job.
4. Overall, a decent job.
Promotion Order:
1. Senior Statistical Officer,
2. Assistant Director,
3. Deputy Director,
4. Joint Director.Promotions are very slow.
Approx. 100 – 300 positions are only created every year.
20. P Inspector (Dept. of Post) 4600 1. Promoting business of post offices.
2. May have to travel.
3. Performance pressure to meet numbers.
4. Posted as Sub-divisional Inspector or IP-PG (Public Grievance).
5. In charge of 60-70 post offices.
6. Assisted by two Mail overseers.
Promotion Order:
1. Assistant Superintendent of Post (After 5 years by taking dept. exam),
2. Postal Superintendent,
3. Senior Superintendent of Post (GP: 5400, Equal rank to Indian Postal Services Officer),
4. Senior Superintendent of Post (GP:6600).
Any Postal Division.
Since each district has 2 or more division. So posting may be anywhere in India.
21. # Sub-Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics) 2400 1. Work similar to an inspector, but more field work.
2. Lot of traveling to prevent entry of narcotic drugs into the state.
Promotion Order:
1. Inspector,
2. Superintendent of Narcotics,
3. Assistant Narcotics Commissioner,
4. Deputy Narcotics Commissioner,
5. Narcotics Commissioner.
Any state.
22. T, U, V Auditor (C&AG, CGDA, CGA) 2800 Audit expense reports of:
1. State Dept. (C&AG),
2. Accounts of defense forces (CGDA),
3. General accounts of the country (CGA).
Promotion Order:
1. Senior Auditor
After 3 years of service,
2. AAO
After 2 years of service and clearing dept. exam.
25. @, Z Tax Assistant (CBEC & CBDT) 2400 1. A desk officer.
2. Assess, verify, and modify tax data of an individual or business (CBDT).
3. Similar work for goods & services, along with periodic admin work & assisting higher officers (CBEC).
Promotion Order:
1. Senior Tax Assistant (3 years),
2. Excise Inspector (3-4 years),
4. Assistant Commissioner,
5.  Deputy Commissioner,
6. Joint Commissioner,
7. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax.
1. Good number of vacancies.
2. For CBDT, posting to a metro city is possible.
27. W, X Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Offices under C&AG, CGA & others) 2800 1. Mainly Clerical.
2. Passing of various bills, salary allowances, office expenses.
3. Dealing with pensions and GPF matters.
4. Receipts and Payments accounting of Civil Ministries.
5. Peaceful work.
Promotion Order:
1. Senior Accountant (3 years),
2. Assistant Accounts Officer (After AAO exam),
3. Principal Accounts Officer (15 years after AAO),
4. Senior Accounts Officer.
1. Less posts compared to CAG.
2. Job location will be Delhi, if appointed in any ministry or central govt. organization.
29. Y Senior Secretariat Assistant 2400 1. Desk job.
2. Check facts, identify errors, draw attention to previous cases or Rules and Regulations on the subject.
3. Clearly bring out the question under consideration and suggest a course of action.
Majority of these posts exist only in Delhi.
30. $ Compiler (Registrar General of India) 2400 Conducting census, Compiling collected information. Posted in Statistical Division.




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