Why do most bhakt (fanatic) vs non – bhakt arguments go like this (see details)?

Answer by Vipin K Shakya:

The theory of Selective Distortion from consumer buying behavior strikes a similarity here. We do prefer certain brands over others and carry our brand beliefs wherever we go and it plays a crucial part while we shop at a store or pick stuffs online.

Recently, a friend of mine insisted that I must watch 'Babhubali' though I wasn't sure of it. He tried convincing me by referring to official reviews the movie received from different sources like TOI, Hindustan Times, NDTV, etc. He specifically sent web-links to me to back what he was saying. I got convinced by them and enjoyed the movie together.

Then the day came when this same friend of mine who also happens to be an ardent fan of Shaid Kapoor asked me to join him to 'Shaandar'. I inquisitively asked whether he checked the reviews this time or not. He replied, "Most of these reviewers are paid ones as a great number of people from the Bollywood industry can't see him grow and conspire against him." A real facepalm moment it was!

Bhakts, no matter which individual, Baba, party or group they follow, are no different. You will find them everywhere. They tend to distort facts to boost their own set of beliefs. They won't reason anything they view. They are the followers. They feel proud to be a fan.

To understand how deeply beliefs influence our mind, take an Indian mother for instance. You must have remembered the chief argument she always quotes, "Mera beta aisa nahi kar sakta! Wo aisa nahi hai! (My son can't do this, he's not like this!)" and how well she hides our shortcomings and boasts of even the slightest piece of success we taste, with immense pride. Beliefs are strong and their influence goes deeper than you can even imagine and it is but obvious that an argument between a Bhakt and a non-Bhakt goes like it does in the video.

It is one of the reasons why in India a major chunk of our graduates or post-graduates start looking for jobs rather than building a venture of their own. A Bhakt-like belief comes in, "Son! Your education is over now. Try getting a job and get settled like every other person in our family did."

It is one of the reasons why even IITs and IIMs have failed to produce the number of 'creators' which they actually should have produced by now. A Bhakt-like belief comes in again, "Inventions or projects can wait. You focus on your pointer and try securing a job through placements."

It is also one of the reasons why in India we seek super-heroes in Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal and we expect them to transform the whole system. We don't argue if these leaders claim themselves to be the only possible solution for our problems. We listen to them. We fight for them. We almost worship them but we never challenge our own set of beliefs. Alas! we have always been conditioned to think the way we do. "Politics is not for us. We haven't educated you to spoil your career just like that."

It is a natural phenomenon as far as our relationships are concerned. But when it comes to brands, celebs, our career, political parties or leaders we should always try applying reasoning before we accept an ideology or a thought. In case we fail to do that, we would end up becoming great followers instead of world leaders. All the best!

Vipin K. Shakya
Co-founder, Smartkeeda
Smartest way to prepare for your next Big exam

Why do most bhakt (fanatic) vs non – bhakt arguments go like this (see details)?


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