How much time does it require to clear SSC CGL exam?

“It varies and depends on your breed.”

Let’s say to crack CGL one needs to be as agile as a rabbit.

1st Scenario

how to crack ssc exam in first attempt

You yourself are a rabbit. You just need to practise through mock tests and you’ll be through.

Time required : 3 months

2nd Scenario

how to crack ssc cgl in first attempt

You were born a rabbit but somewhere in the middle you lost interest in doing what rabbits are good at. Time flies and the moment comes when you seek to gain your skills back. Here, you’ll have to revise what you’ve learnt before. In short, you’ll have to do a lot of revision to achieve the level of a genuine CGL aspirant.

Time required : 7-8 months

3rd Scenario

how to crack ssc cgl exam in 1st attempt

You are a cat and love to sleep. But then comes a defining moment in your life when you decide to become an officer through CGL, no matter what odds are there. Obviously, you’ll have to go through a thorough preparation and will need to learn everything that requires for one to come out successful in this prestigious exam.

Time required : 1.5-2 years

Could you observe what goes common here? No matter what breed you belong to, ultimately you will be through if you keep trying for it. The only factor that creates a difference here is time.

So, first get to know what breed you are (your strong and weak areas) and second, keep putting your best efforts to get the end result till you achieve it. All the best!




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