You said you work hard. But then so does Mr. Donkey.

At moments, I come across young exam aspirants claiming that they work hard to achieve the desired percentiles but then they fail and start blaming their luck that’s, as per their words, not favouring them. So is it really hard-work that matters? If you say ‘Yes’ then I would say, Mr. Donkey too works hard but then why is he always chosen for the most unproductive pieces of work? If ‘hard work’ is key to success then why aren’t the most industrious candidates able to crack their most cherished exams?

To me, it’s ‘Smart-work’ rather than the ‘hard-work’ that actually decides a young exam aspirant’s fate in a competitive exam.

Many of the smartkeeda content team members have been mentoring students for years and are well-honed at what they do. We’ve been observing this root problem or pain-point of students for long that most of the students give a very less or negligible time to strategy formation and put more time to prepare for their exams and in the process they keep wasting their time building command over the most irrelevant topics and questions and end up scoring a poor score that’s of no benefit and this cycle of incidents shatters their confidence to a great extent.

For instance, if you are preparing for SSC CGL Tier 1 exam, the quant topic ‘Time and Work’ has nearly 90% probability of coming in the next SSC CGL Tier 1 while the same topic has only 30% chances of coming next if you are taking an SBI Clerk exam. The stats say it all. The importance of a particular topic or even type of questions from the same topic varies according to an exam type. One can’t just pick a book and start preparing without even analyzing where to focus on but the exactly opposite is what students have been doing for long.

The baby has grown wise!

We were moving at a smooth pace towards making Smartkeeda the largest online question bank for exam aspirants but an inner desire to bring something that can actually help students save time and score more pushed us to brain-storm and to come up with an idea to bring the changes that you can now experience on Smartkeeda website.
The new Smartkeeda shoots the chapters and questions on top as per your exam selection and hence offers you only those chapters and questions that are most important to you.

Second, it offers ‘Smart Video Solutions’ to solve problems which are considered ‘difficult’ but at the same time are highly important to your exam and the use of the Smart Video Solution approach enhances chances of your selection in your chosen exam greatly.

So, stop being a Mr. Donkey anymore and get ready for your next Big exam Smartkeeda way.

Keep learning 🙂


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