Congrats! You have got a baby :)

As they say frustration is the mother of invention, we call an invention and the mother of course is Devansh Bhadauriya, a young and vibrant soul and of course the co founder, who’s actually bore the labour pain. Being an aspirant for government jobs himself, he at times felt that there must be a platform that should cater to the needs of lacs of students like him. While working as an Associate at a renowned retail house, he kept trying hard to find time for himself to join a proper coaching institute to study and prepare for getting a decent job through SSC but he was never able to.

At times, I suggested him to go online and find a website or two to continue his preparation online. He even found a few but maximum of them were poorly designed or so unorganized that one can’t even navigate from a particular link to the desired one without hitting two or three wrong ones. Even a few are there which seem to have been made with the only aim to build revenue through ad earnings as on their pages you don’t find ads among the questions but the other way round. Then a few were there that carry the same questions copied from a popular book. Quality is the term that was missing on their pages. There were just too many offering the same thing.

I remember it was the month of November and we were discussing the same over a cup of tea at my office. In the mid of our talks, he suddenly yelled, “Why can’t I get something where I can get fresh and quality study material for my preparation.” In a jiffy I said, “But, you can.” and we stayed in silence for almost 2 minutes.

Oh boy! I can’t express how I felt the very next moment to see Devansh played an Archimedes. He stood up from his chair and started shouting, “Eureka, Eureka!”

I with an awkward expression said, “What???” “Why don’t we make one for the students like me?”, he asked in reply.

I thought for a while and said, “Go ahead!”

There was a strong reason that made me believe that Devansh would deliver what he then said. Many a time, people do start their own ventures but fail within a year or two. Why? A very intense reason what I personally believe is that It’s because many of them start something not to satisfy people’s needs, wants or desires but to ‘make money’. And there lies the difference. Did you mark what Devansh actually said – “Why don’t we make one for the students like me?” He didn’t mention money. What he aspired was a will to fill a core need gap.

As we finished our tea, I asked Devansh to come to my place for the night to actually plan things in ink.

At around 9:30 pm Devansh reached my place and right after dinner we sat to discuss everything. We coined a few names for our website and confirmed their availability as well, checked out a number of designs and templates, thought of how we are going to present the contents.

While we were exploring everything related, it at times felt as if we were making love. Yes, it did. It was like we were having a roller coaster ride. We didn’t even realize when it dawned and the only thing we both agreed upon that night was the name – ‘’

In India, if a person is extremely fascinated towards something and specifically towards his or her studies, we call him or her ‘Keeda’ and as we long to help the Keeda satiate their hunger of desired contents we actually assist them to become ‘Smart’. We intentionally linked the words and coined – ‘’.

Next morning, as soon as my brother, who proudly owns the city’s one of the popular ‘Website and Software Solutions’ companies, woke up I asked him to get the domain booked.

Within a few minutes, he confirmed the booking. I immediately dialed Devansh’s number and said, “Congrats! You have got a baby!” 🙂


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